Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Closed Topic

al salam 3alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakato

I started a new blog which is be about UAE Political Economy , and developments of the governmental and financial institutions (uaepoliticaleconomy)
This blog is by invitation only. so if you would like to be added please message me and let me know why you want to read about it.

The topics are serious and long so no fun, no pics, pure political and econ thought

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A friend

Here i m translating from a Russian song by mr Visotzky. However, in order for it to rhyme i had to change the "beit" and change some meaning. As my teacher would say, once you translated something you actually create a new piece. Thus, this is my song about a true friend.

If a friend became of a sudden

Not a friend- not an enemy either

If you wish to find out in that moment

If he’s good, or bad or neither

Take him with you in the mountains- and chance it!

Don’t leave him alone and glance at

Keep him near to your side and test

Then you’ll know if you need to detest

If a guy is afraid of the mountains

If he only gives up and pulls down

Takes one step and afraid…

Missteped and betrayed …

You see! - he's a stranger to you

Do not curse him – but strike him undue

No one writes of this person so weak

No one sings about “this” on the peak ( here mountain)

When one laughs at the hardship and mewls

He is angry but carries his way

When you fell from the mountains rule

He moaned but up held his say

He struggled for you in the battle

Stood on top of the mountains’ high

He remembered when climbing the rattle

He IS who you trust in life!

Aliya (2009)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Luxury of Your Private Space

Bismillah al raHman al raHeem,

    In this entry, I would like to introduce a topic of having a private space within your own house. Those who come from a very busy with people house would node their heads and perhaps agree with me on the absence of any privacy in their lives; and then there are those who come from  the Western families and who long  for the interruption of that privacy from their parents and siblings. In both cases, the topic can be related to all of us with different backgrounds and lifestyles. Having enjoyed life in a big house with many people while having my private space  is a wonderful gift that Allah has provided me with. Al7amdullah. My parents created the environment that would allow an individual voice to be heard and considered by all and not muffled down and discredited. I always felt  being a part of a big family while having my own ideas and luxury of being on my own (going into a cocoon stage)  just to return with new ideas, poetry, drawings, papier-mache, discoveries,  and etc. Being a child and a teenager i never had a necessity to close my door because i knew when i was doing something i never hid  things and my parents trusted me and just waited for  some new proposals that would surprise them at the dinner table. All of us have turned out great al Hamdullah. the private space has helped us to become  free in our individual development and establish trust with Allah, our parents , and ourselves.
   What is that private space? It is not a physical four-wall space with the door that can be shut closed rather it is a state of mind when a person can concentrate and do things on his or her own. It doesn't have to be for a long time either. Just by giving a person a couple of hours of personal time would allow him or her to self define his or her  position within the house and society ( externally) and within him or herself ( internally) . Such assessment is vital to any of us. Even the scientists agree that our brain needs some time to process information and it would usually shut off for maintenance automatically. Why not  helping our brain and the nervous system by facilitating it with a private space sessions. How can one  fight for his or her privacy ? Some start a verbal fight with the parents which would only back fire with suspicion.   Some physically seclude themselves  mentally  and pretend to participate  in a group activity  failing to satisfy intro personal ego and  social relationship. There are many tricks one would come up with to run to that private space and reflect on his or her being.
For us Muslims, we are provided for. This private space is ordered to us by al Salat ( the prayer). 5 times a day plus the sunnah , we can spend at least 100 minutes on our own with Allah ( sub7ana wa ta3ala) and ourselves EVERY DAY. During the prayer, you and I are reciting ( training the memory),  physically moving ( health improvement),  energy both positive and negative releasing ( good for the nervous system) and disciplining our brain and body ( balance of life). So whenever I hear  "i have no time for myself" from my Muslim sisters , I would attempt to "open their eyes" on the miracle of the prayer.  Thus, there is no necessity for the psychiatrists, anti-depressants , anonimous groups and other's attention. The balance shoul be serached within ourselves and not derived from the external sources ( that can make us dependent and vulnerable) .
Dear sisters, please cherish the time you are given to spend with yourself in a quality manner.  Slow down when  you recite and  feel it with your heart. Allah yahdina ( Allah guide us) 

The info above is my thoughts that are supported by my observations and  consultations with the  Yoga teachers and doctors. i will ask my best friend who is a Yoga instructor to write an essay about the energy balance as one makes roko'a ( standing on the knees and touching the flow with four limbs nose and forehead).

P>S , the next post will be about the menstrual cycle and its beauty.