Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Watching Them Sleeping

Rising and falling... rising and falling... rising and falling.. "please don't stop," I pray to Allah listening to every breath she makes. Her little chest rises creating a small hill and then falls flat as the tiny stream of air escapes from her small flat nose. From time to time her breath hastens and then suddenly slows down. At this moment, my heart hastens and I hold my breath. "Give her health, Allah", I whisper with the tears on my eyes. A while ago, I would whisper the same words when I watched my husband sleeping. I would wake up at night and count the blessings I forgo being carried away by the dayly routine. This time, I watch them both sleeping... rising and falling... rising and falling... during the night, the silent time, I hear them breathing , sleeping, moving, turning... I am ready to get up in any second to rescue them from a bad dream or a sudden thirst... I am there, I am a mother...

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  1. InshAllah you live to see your grandchildren :)