Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seeing you Living

bismillah al ra7man al ra7eem

Seeing you living...

Whenever I go out of the house with my husband, I find moments to stay in the car while he is taking care of errands on my behalf ( shy face ). This time gives me an opportunity to observe people passing by or just being there outside of the car . The streets are so diverse with people from the different parts of the world. On the left, I see a young most likely Afghani man crossing the road despite the red light and fast coming cars. What is passing through his mind? Not to see what might happen i turn to my right and see an old man or maybe a worn by life man collecting carton boxes from the back of the store. The pile is so big that I'm curious enough to observe the way he ties and mounts everything on his old bicycle. After a short struggle he manages to put everything on the back of his transportation and slowly drives away shaking and rocking as he goes. I wonder what would he do with that? As i ponder about his purpose, a young European woman passes by wearing a short flirty dress with open shoulders and freely flowing hair locks. Someone like her is rare on this street that is mostly occupied by foreign working men. She looks so out of place that for some reason i am shy to look at her. All the men who are waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green, look at her while she carelessly carries on. I prohibit myself from expanding on what is her deal to dress this way in the middle of Abu Dhabi. Suddenly, i see a man wearing white kandora, ghiTra, and 3aghal hurrying to the ATM machine . He cannot avoid looking at himself at the glass walls of the building and adjust his headdress moved by the wind. Above him , there is an East Asian man washing the windows of the building. In this 40 something degree heat that poor man does his job. How productive can he be? I think to myself. By the time i am done observing the work above, the local guy exits from the ATM booth and heads towards the car where he is met by the parking guy ( most likely Yemeni) writing a violation. Don't you just love the paid parking in Abu Dhabi? It is only 2 derham. The guy is shouting at the officer raising his arms and calling on the phone. Just pay that ticket and shut up, i am telling myself. The parking officer finishes writing a ticket and carries on. At this time, the car pulls in next to me and hunks calling for the restaurant waiter (Lebanese) who hurriedly runs out with a pan and a paper. He takes the order from a local girl hiding behind the thick tinting and with the same haste brings back her order. I check to my left side and the Afghani guy is not there anymore which let me freely observe the fruit and vegetable store . Many fruits and vegetables are seen through the window, the owner looks like an Indian guy quickly dispatching deliveries via his workers on the bikes. He looks busy and official and i concluded that he has been here for while since he greets many who would just pass by and sometimes stop for a small talk. Next to his well organized shop is my favorite bread making hole in the wall . It is run by a Pakistani man . His place would not pass any hygiene standards of the US and Europe but the bread he makes is amazing and we would always get two or three pieces to eat it with saloona or yougurt.
I am addicted to observe daily life of Abu Dhabi, and when my husband returns i snap back into my house and personal life while remembering and being happy seeing you (Abu Dhabi) living...


  1. The best time of the day is that time when you can just sit there and observe life going on as usual, especially in this country because there is such a wide variety of people.

  2. mashallah what an amazing glimse of society! so precious :)