Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something About Me

The Ocean and the Cliff
The Ocean – the master of water who gathered and channeled earthly water and watched over his limitless territories. He would punish and destroy any intruder disturbing his streams and only the remnants would be spit out on the shore. One day, the Ocean was wondering about and noticed a Cliff standing tall before his power. With time, the waves and storms filed and eat away from her body but she remained standing. It was apparent that at some time later the Cliff would fall; however, her structure was solid and firm at present.
The Ocean’s forehead created a wrinkle of anger and discontent. He could not believe such opposition to his grand power. Even the mountains were afraid of him. Thus, he raised the waves and summoned the winds to eliminate such arrogant call. Due to the unintentional dare, the Cliff stood there helpless to present any resistance. She was that way and her upright statue demonstrated grace and shelter for those who were in need.
The endless tunnels and caves inside of her body became the means of her survival. The Ocean’s water would freely enter and with the same ease pour out of her foundation leaving behind the minimal marks of its presence. Moreover, the numerous streams would mold and beautifully design her inner walls in such ways that even the most creative artist would look bleak. On the outside, she looked pale and lifeless in the calm day but during the storms she would become alive. The water would rush through the channels mixing with the wind and creating the symphony of the nature. She was the soul of the Ocean. Through her, his soul sang and his destructing nature gave birth to the most beautiful harmony between the three elements: the water, the air, and the earth.
The Ocean didn’t admit his need of the Cliff and saw it as a threat to his power. His waters bombarded the fragile before him body of the Cliff. Within a short time the strength of the waves bursting through the inner channels and over the surface stroke at the foundations of the harmony. The sound was painful and dissonanced to its surroundings.
Slowly, she started to shed her stones losing strength and an ability to resist the Ocean. Her body shook and collapsed into the waters creating tall splashes while slowly sinking into the unknown. Soon, nothing on the surface marked her tragic end. The waves persistently crashed onto the remnants of her being and the water would geyser out through the holes of the in memory remained tunnels. No harmony and no song was created but the clash of the conflicting streams continued to disturb the air. The wind left its playground. The water lost its canvas and its role of a painter who strive to bring out the hidden image of the Ocean. She was his soul , his vulnerability, his handsomeness, his companion.
She slowly sunk to the lifeless bottom. Underwater currents tore her apart and scattered her body all over the earth piece by piece. He didn’t care. He was over consumed with his victory but only for a short term. He started to miss her but could not admit it. Sometimes with anger he would hit the shores with his power and shake the earth. His need and desire for her presence defeated his strength. He didn’t hear the sound of her tunnels that would enchant his soul causing the waters running harmoniously through the surface. The harmony was demolished with a stroke of a blind rage.
The days became long and unbearable for the Ocean, he would forgetfully wonder around ruining the balance of his own duties. He was not angry at those who intruded nor would he undertake his duties to circulate water. The stagnation was killing life within his body. The Cliff was on his bottom and lost her function being on the surface and being his companion.
He gathered the waves and commanded to find her. To his misfortune, the body was broken in the small pieces that looked similar to any other rock. One piece of her was found. The Ocean brought it on the Cliff’s old location. He guarded the rest of her and maintained the search. Meanwhile, just looking at the rock and remembering what it did to his soul, the ocean resumed his duty. Slowly the rock started to grow drawing in other pieces brought with the waves. She grew from the inside protected by his strength.
Patiently they rebuilt each other. He became kinder without undermining his authority and she embraced his waters and reflected his goodness on her body. He would caress her with his strong hands and she would make his inner beauty go through her soul channels. They defined each others roles and eventually learned about themselves. Perhaps, they already could exist without each other realizing how to balance their lives. Nonetheless, the love of the two opposite beings gave birth to an unearthly balanced between the wind, the air, and the water. The fire was in their hearts. Its flames delivered the passion for the other three elements become meaningful.

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  1. ow WOW Mashallah!! sis, your writing is sooo beautiful! I couldn't stop reading until the end :)