Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A friend

Here i m translating from a Russian song by mr Visotzky. However, in order for it to rhyme i had to change the "beit" and change some meaning. As my teacher would say, once you translated something you actually create a new piece. Thus, this is my song about a true friend.

If a friend became of a sudden

Not a friend- not an enemy either

If you wish to find out in that moment

If he’s good, or bad or neither

Take him with you in the mountains- and chance it!

Don’t leave him alone and glance at

Keep him near to your side and test

Then you’ll know if you need to detest

If a guy is afraid of the mountains

If he only gives up and pulls down

Takes one step and afraid…

Missteped and betrayed …

You see! - he's a stranger to you

Do not curse him – but strike him undue

No one writes of this person so weak

No one sings about “this” on the peak ( here mountain)

When one laughs at the hardship and mewls

He is angry but carries his way

When you fell from the mountains rule

He moaned but up held his say

He struggled for you in the battle

Stood on top of the mountains’ high

He remembered when climbing the rattle

He IS who you trust in life!

Aliya (2009)


  1. Assallamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
    Hi friend, peace...
    Your blog very interesting.
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    And... thanks.

  2. Assalam alaikum.

    Mashallah sister! It's first time I see a local lady that learned Russian. I'm shocked lol because it's a difficult and a rather unpopular language comparing to European languages.

    As for the poem- your translation is very good- the meaning is conveyed well.

    After hearing this song I yearn to go hiking to the mountains

  3. Alice, I speak French and English and i dont really find it that special and rich. Arabic and Russian are complex and beautiful languages carrying with them the heritage of historical, religious and cultural struggle.

  4. Mashallah sister on learning Russian! You know, I took it for one semester in high school ( a long time ago LOL) and wanted to continue but there weren't enough students so they cancelled the class :(

    I would love to try to learn it again but I have to learn Arabic--that is my first priority right now!